WordPress Child Theme

It was a assignment for Advance Web Application Course at Humber College.

Whosoever wants a theme with blog and some other pages can use it.

Although our professor (Thomas) taught us about wordpress and how to make a child theme from an existing theme. But it was not enough for me so i decided to take an online course from (Lynda.com) to learn about how wordpress theme works.

So i decided to make a child theme of twenty seventeen. To start working on it first of all i made a different domain for wordpress and installed wordpress on it. After that i simply copied all the files of twenty seventeen parent theme to wddm folder and started working on it.

WordPress has different template setup for every page. So i copied all the file which i wanted to change to change the appearance of my child theme. I made some changes into function.php, footer.php, page.php, sidebar.php, header.php, style.css etc.

I am also showing a Twitter Feed in sidebar. Which shows only three latest tweets by the user. It is totally responsive for mobile.

It was very challenging assignment because i did not have any experience with WordPress whereas it was a nice learning experience.

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Web Typography

It was the new assignment. Basically, we have to follow the Web Fundamentals that was “Typography” means font selection, font combination, size, design etc.

My theme for this assignment was “CRICKET”.

I used the Google Font site(https://fonts.google.com/) to select the different fonts with styles. I used Lato for font family and Merriweather for headings and blockquote only.

Although, It was an easy assignment but i learnt many little things like use of (em, %) , how to make our web page more readable and eye catching etc.

I used different font weights and colors to differentiate the importance of text.

I made it responsive for Mobile (max-width: 580px) and Tablet (min-width:581px) and (max-width:780px).

Here are the different screenshots.

  1. Desktop View.

2.Tablet View.

3.Mobile View.

I must want to say, It was  the foundation for Web Development and much needed knowledge for me.

Here is the link for it on my  domain:-  http://punjmedia.com/gaganhomework/typography/index.html

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A five page website ” challenge for beginners”.

It was only one week of work. Struggled a lot, many confusions, hours of sitting but, finally met the requirements.


It was our first composite @Humber College. Basic requirements was it should have five pages, semantic use of Html and CSS. A proper wireframe and mockup for web, proper formatting and documentation, code validation and responsiveness .

moreover, browsers support and presentation made it more challenging.



#challenge no.1
As i am new to photoshop and illustrator that is why it was very confusing for me to use the tools to make logo and crop pictures to proper size.
so that page size remain under 400kb.

#challenge no.2
making image slider without Java Script was quite challenging. Use of animation was confusing it self.

I am delighted to have met the requirements, but look forward to connect the forms to database and get the users input. i might change the image slider to Java Script .




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This calendar was the part of my assignment of Web Development and Design and maintenance course at Humber College. The basic requirement for this calendar was to make it for one month of any year with respective holidays occurring in the respective month. It should be made in valid HTML and CSS.

My Calendar:

I designed it in CSS .I used different properties of CSS to design it . I used background image and different color combinations to enhance the design of calendar. I made this calendar in HTML and CSS which shows all the holidays for the month. I used list to style each date of calendar. I used hover property to enhance the design of it Basically, when we hover on any date the border changes the color and i also used visibility property which shows the text message for holiday when you hover on holidays. I set different classes and id’s to target the individual day . All the holidays and dates lies under Sunday are designed with different color. All the dates of different months are designed different.

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What Good Web Design Means To Me

Web design is the process of creating websites. It encompasses several different aspects, including webpage layout, content production, and graphic design. While the terms web design and web development are often used interchangeably, web design is technically a subset of the broader category of web development.webdesignheader

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